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At EPS we offer a complete solution from design to construction delivering a complete project for our clients. Supported by our specialist teams, we deliver unrivalled project management solutions. This involves design, liaising with architects, council, documentation, building and a complete project management solution.


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Designing, constructing and transforming thousands of homes, Built by EPS has made their mark on homes and properties all over the Sydney region. Our projects aim to transform your home to be uniquely viewed and showcased, delivering affordability and unbeatable value.
With years of experience our team can build the luxury home you've always wanted. Build it with EPS, build it the right way.

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You dream, we build. Let your vision come to life the smart way.

Our Built by EPS team have worked and continue to work with a variety of projects in Sydney. We design, construct and transform properties into luxury modern and contemporary living spaces. Our dedicated and professional construction team are well regarded by commercial and residential property developers, aiming to deliver projects unique to each customer’s expectations.

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Built by EPS are specialists in the building industry, with over 20 years combined industry experience.

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We have the capabilities to take care of any project from complex designs to new builds or duplexes
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Our Built by EPS team have worked and continue to work with a variety of projects in Sydney.